About Warren Sourcing

It’s hard to find an ideal manufacturer that makes the exact good quality product under your budget as well as easy to communicate while being 100% trustworthy with your money. There are hundreds of online business that help you locate the right supplier, so why should you choose Warren Sourcing? What’s the difference between a sourcing agency and a trading company? What can we bring to your business?

Here’s the truth about China export industry: Manufacturers and trading companies maximize their profit in a single contract, they are not sold to the idea that you will order more next time or you have already ordered so much from them; Their business model is to make good money off of you. The reason why it’s hard to find a good, honest supplier? Maybe it’s because you are a foreign business and suppliers automatically adds a premium on their price, maybe because it’s a greedy supplier that you are dealing with, but MOST IMPORTANTLY is that you don’t know the secrets in sourcing from China, the entire “Waimao” industry or export business that China’s so famous for, is built on a system to look after the factories’ own interest instead of YOURS!

I was in the same position 7 years ago, when I sourced my first product from Alibaba, it’s exciting but very stressful. The time zone, the prices, the recommendations from the sales reps, I constantly wonder if this is how other entrepreneurs start their business. To make it worse, I didn’t know what’s a fair price for the product I was looking for! When I ask them why the other factory is cheaper, the sales always replies the same answer:” Our quality is completely different from theirs.” I didn’t expect sourcing products can be so frustrating and time consuming, in the end I’m not sure who to trust to bring my ideas to life. If you had similar experience, you would know what I’m talking about. I just wished I know someone, a friend or a relative that works in the industry and could give me some advice to avoid the RISKS ahead!

7 years later, I founded Warren sourcing. I spent 7 years working with Chinese manufacturers in Zhejiang, Canton and many other places, having worked with 2000+ manufacturers, served 200+ clients, sourced 500+ products and generated $20M revenue, I found the puzzles I was missing before. I’ve decided to build a team of top sourcing agents in China. A business operated with the goal to distinguish ourselves from the traditional Chinese sourcing companies, a business that’s built around our customers, a business that truly look after your interest instead of profitability, even our own! We are here to work with you long term and we don’t succeed until you do.

Warren agents are here to take your business to the next level!

If you need any help on the China side for your business, please feel free to e-mail me directly at warren@warrensourcing.com

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you on the path of your success.

Founder of Warren Sourcing