If you own a drop shipping business, you inevitably will outgrow the model one day. Do you ever wish you could have better quality inspections before Aliexpress company ship your product? Do you want to reduce your product cost and shipping cost? Do you want to customize your product to better serve your growing audience?

This means you may not have enough control over your product as you heavily rely on your manufacturer or online supplier. As your business grow, it would be harder to monitor products one at a time, especially with your supplier’s volume of orders all at the same time. You will need your products to ship as fast as possible and you have to effectively communicate with your supplier to maintain good connection with your customers.

What we do is we help you with product sourcing to save you money by bulk ordering. We store inventory for you and fulfill your orders as we make sure we meet your product requirements. We make sure you purchase quality products from trusted suppliers and your inquiries will be properly addressed. Specialized in product sourcing business, we help you in achieving brand control and risk-control at the same time.