If you’ve got an online business and wanted to sell overseas, you might consider China as one of your target market. With a population of over 1 Billion, there’s no doubt that China offers a great opportunity from large to small businesses.

Here are the reasons why:

China Has Over 800,000,000 Internet Users
With this number of people online, think about all the opportunities you could have. Today, the country has the most number of internet users worldwide. This is a perfect venue to promote brand awareness, market your products and grow your business.

World’s Largest E-commerce Market
With a mind-blowing record of 1 Trillion E-Commerce sales by 2018, China’s growth have surpassed U.S and is projected to continue to grow over the next years. Chinese E-commerce market is constantly growing and getting bigger!

Chinese Love Western Brands
Chinese consumers love western brands in online shopping. According to statistics, around 61% of Chinese buyers would prefer to purchase foreign-made products even if they are priced higher. They perceive these products to be of higher quality and safe. Most of these belongs to fashion items, luxury goods, skincare and much more.

They Have The Spending Power
It is predicted that around 2020, affluent Chinese consumers will reach a number of 280 Million with a disposable income of $20,000 and up. Most of these online shoppers are between the age of 25-35 and retired professionals who are in the position for spending.

Reach a Large Mass of Consumers
China has close to 200 cities and each of which has around a million population. Around 75% of the middle class are in cities you may not heard of yet. Hence, selling your products online is the easiest and most effective way to reach them.

If you are confident in your products and look for expanding your sales channel or brand presence globally. China is definitely a market you can’t ignore anymore. Contact us today and start selling in China!